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Eugenol free, Radiopaque Root Canal Sealer

- Permanent obturation of infected root canals, specifically in presence of a granuloma
- Permanent obturation of non-infected root canals


GranulotecĀ® is a Eugenol free, bactericidal, non resorbable and radiopaque preparation for the permanent obturation after pulpectomy and root canal

treatment,of infected root canals, specifically in presence of a granuloma.

It ensures the healing of the infection, the resorption of granuloma and the regeneration of the peri-apical tissues. It is also used as a permanent obturation of non-infected (vital) teeth.

Ensures, in one only treatment:
- the healing of the infection
- the resorption of the granuloma
- the regeneration of the periapical tissues
- the permanent obturation

-Enables direct coronal obturations with

-Allows, if required, easy re-reaming of the canal
for further Inlay-core or bridge reconstruction

Provides about 100 Treatments

Ordering Information:

- Pack of 20g+15ml + Special Rotary Paste Filler

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