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Amalgomer CR

Amalgomer CR

Ceramic Re-Inforced World's Strongest Glass Ionomer

The first GIC technology designed to surpass the test properties of Amalgam Normative standards (ISO1559:2001) as well as GI Standard (ISO9917:1991).Including Compressive Strength > 300MPA

Amalgomer CR

Compressive Strength @ 1 hour = 215MPA  (Surpassing all Glass Ionomers)

Compressive Strength @ 24 Hours = 346MPA  (Surpassing Amalgam standard)

Compressive Strength @ 1 month = 423MPA  (Surpassing Composites and Amalgams)

Features and Benefits:

  • Ceramic Reinforcement CR

  • Designed to match the strength and durability of amalgam

  • Sustained High Level of flouride release

  • Exceptionally Low Wear

  • Universal Tooth Shade

  • Radiopaque

  • Natural Adhesion to tooth structure

  • Good Biocompatibility

  • Hard Snappy set with good working time

  • Built on the reputation of over 60 Million fillings in UK ALONE

  • Minimal Cavity Preparation needed

  • Mercury and Metal Free

  • None of the shrinkage, corrosion, expansion or thermal conductivity problems associated with other filling materials

If our competitors could achieve this they would have told you,woudn't they?


  • Class 1 and 11 Cavities

  • Repair of amalgam restored teeth when either tooth or restoration has fractured

  • Base under amalgam and posterior composite restorations

  • In all classes of cavity where radiopacity is a prime requirement

  • As a core build up under crowns

  • On the root Surfaces for locating overdentures

  • Long Term temporary replacement for cusp(s)

  • Repair to Crown Margin

Note: This product is technique sensitive therefore it is advised to watch the video below before using it in your clinical practice/institution

Ordering Information:

- Pack of 12g+5ml

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