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ß-tricalcium phosphate bone grafting material

R.T.R. is indicated in most clinical cases requiring oral bone
• Post extraction socket grafting (post-extraction ridge
• Ridge augmentations
• Periodontal defects
• Peri-implant defects
• Sinus lift
• Defects following apical endodontic surgery

Features & Benefits:
Made of ß-tricalcium phosphate granules of synthetic origin.
Sterile and gradually resorbable bone substitute.
Releases calcium and phosphate ions that help promote new bone formation.
Osteoconductive micro and macroporous structure that fosters dense new bone growth.
Helps renew bone integrity within 3-6 months.

R.T.R. – Fills A Void In Bone Grafting

R.T.R. gives you a safe and easy-to-use solution for both simple and complex bone augmentation therapies and helps to maintain long-term function, health and esthetics of dentition and the supportive bone structure.

R.T.R. is a synthetic bone substitute which is extremely hydrophilic, so it is drawn into the surgical site and can be easily contoured to fill any bony void. This makes R.T.R. particularly appropriate for the treatment of periodontal defects, ridge augmentations, and extraction socket therapy (post-extraction ridge preservation).

R.T.R. is a biocompatible synthetic material with a high level of purity.

R.T.R. granules have a ß-tricalcium phosphate crystalline (ß-TCP) structure and are tested many times during the manufacturing process (X-rays, infra-red spectroscopy) to ensure the highest level of purity (ß-TCP > 99%). ß-TCP is well documented for its biocompatibility in dental and orthopedic treatment and causes no local or systemic toxicity.

R.T.R. – Rebuilding A Solid Foundation

R.T.R. porous granules provide an optimal osteo-conductive environment that promotes the growth of new dense bone.R.T.R. granules are both micro and macroporous. These microcavities,when impregnated with the patient’s blood, promote an in-depth colonization of the substitute by osteogenic cells with new bone formation becoming biologically fixed.

R.T.R. resorbs progressively and fully
Unlike hydroxyapatite, R.T.R. gradually releases calcium and phosphate ions to promote strong new bone formation. Within 3 to 6 months, depending on the patient physiology, R.T.R. is replaced by newly formed dense bone capable of supporting future implants.

Ordering Information:
-R.T.R. Syringe
0.8 cm3 (2.5g) of ß-tricalcium phosphate
granules (Ø 0.5 to 1 mm) in sterile
syringe, individually packaged
100% Synthetic
(Collagen FREE)

-R.T.R. Cone
Cone 0.3 cm3 (0.95G)
(Ø 6 mm, H 10 mm) of ß-tricalcium
phosphate granules + collagen of Bovine in
sterile individual packaging.
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